Lindsay Lohan Shares Snippet Of New Song Xanax And Fans Are Loving It — Lilo Is Back!

Lindsay Lohan Shares Snippet Of New Song Xanax And Fans Are Loving It — Lilo Is Back!
Credit: Source: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

If you thought Lilo's music days were over think again. Lindsay Lohan is ready to rock Billboard charts if early reaction to her new single "Xanax" is any indicator of things to come. Lindsay shared several snippets of the new song that reveal a woman dealing with social anxiety as she tries to find her way through L.A.'s nightlife on her official Instagram account and the response has been immense. Lindsay has 7.9 million Instagram followers and the reaction to the song isn't just positive, but it's also viral.

Lindsay signed with Casablanca Records earlier this year and the new song is part of a deal that sees the Mean Girls actress making music after a decade.

To say that Lindsay's life has been full of twist and turns is an understatement, to say the least. At one point, Lindsay was viewed to be the next A-list actress. Though she has maintained a devoted fan following, some of her ventures don't seem to pan out the way she may have hope. Her Mykonos club shut down, as well as her MTV show, but it seems that Lindsay is on the right track now that she has returned to music.

You may hear a snippet of "Xanax" that Lindsay shared on her Instagram account in the video player below.

It might be that Lindsay's choice to sing about social anxiety, the prescription medication Xanax, and singing lyrics that depict a woman who feels as if she doesn't fit in may have been the best way for her to return to music. The lyrics resonate with a generation that is feeling more anxious, yet the lyrics are paired with a perfect dance beat that will fit perfectly in any club worldwide. The pop tune is catchy, will stay with you and all indications show that this song will chart.

Here is another clip that Lindsay shared about Xanax on her Instagram account over the weekend. The song clip has more than 130,000 likes and videos of the snippet are showing up across social media platforms including YouTube. The comments all feature people praising the song and Lindsay Lohan's return to music.

Here is a quote from the lyrics that Lindsay sang.

"I got social anxiety, would you like to sit next to me? Social anxiety, when you kiss me, I can't breathe. I try to stay away from you, but you get me high. Only person in this town that I like. Guess I can take one more trip for the night — just for the night."

Did you listen to Lindsay's new clip of "Xanax"? If so what are your thoughts? Were you surprised to see Lindsay Lohan returned to the music scene?

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