Lindsay Lohan Says There Is A Reason For Her Bizarre Behavior On Social Media

Lindsay Lohan Says There Is A Reason For Her Bizarre Behavior On Social Media
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Last week, after Dina Lohan made it to the top four of Celebrity Big Brother but then lost to Tamar Braxton, Lindsay Lohan’s social media pages went wild with slams against Braxton, CBS, and Celebrity Big Brother. But now, the actress is claiming that her account was hacked.

Dina made it to the top four before former NFL star Ricky Williams opted to keep Braxton and cut Dina and Lolo Jones. Braxton ended up winning with the show with a unanimous vote.

Immediately, Lindsay started criticizing the outcome on the show’s Instagram page, writing that it was “bulls**t” and adding the hashtag “#cheapskate.” Then, the Mean Girls star posted a selfie on her page and wrote in the caption that Celebrity Big Brother sucked and claimed her mom told her secrets that are going “to expose you all.”

Later, when Braxton tweeted a link to her song Bluebird of Happiness , Lindsay wrote that Braxton was not a friend of women and she also called her “deceptive and conniving.” Tamar didn’t respond to Lindsay’s comments, but her sister Toni did, telling Lindsay to “stay out of it.”

However, according to Too Fab , over the weekend Lindsay told her fans on Instagram that she had been hacked by a former employee. The actress wrote that none of her account’s activity (neither the posts nor the comments on CBB ’s page) came from her. And, she found out that a former team member who had access to her social media account made the changes.

“The matter has now been dealt with internally,” Lindsay wrote.

She also thanked CBS and Big Brother for giving her mom an “incredible opportunity,” and added that she is proud of her mom “for what she has achieved.” She also gave a shout out to MTV and Viacom for their support of her new show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and thanked the people who made her aware of what was happening on her social media pages.

Lindsay received major backlash for the posts that fans thought she wrote, with fans calling her “ a mess,” and another writing that Lindsay should “stop the stupid drama” over her mom not winning Big Brother.

New episodes of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club air Monday nights on MTV.

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