Lindsay Lohan Reportedly DM-ing Tyga Too After Leaving Flirty Comment - Is He Into It?

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly DM-ing Tyga Too After Leaving Flirty Comment - Is He Into It?

After fans caught sight of some light flirting between Lindsay Lohan and Tyga on social media, one insider report by HollywoodLife claimed that the actress has been doing a lot more than just commenting on the rapper’s pics! Allegedly, she has been sending him some sweet DMs as well.

Rumor has it that Lohan’s crush is more significant than everyone else thought at first and she does not care if the world knows.

One source shared with the news outlet that the former child actress has not been afraid to let the man know how she feels.

But what does she like most about Kylie Jenner’s ex?

The source explained that Lindsay is crazy about his ‘bad boy’ image and even mentioned that her crush has been a thing for quite some time now!

Fans were made aware to some extent when the star commented ‘Taste’ on a pic that shows Tyga shirtless in bed.

Seeing the one-word flirt, a lot of users expressed their support towards Lindsay, encouraging her to ‘get it, girl!’

While the rapper is yet to reply to the comment, he does follow her back on the platform.

It seems like she hasn’t had much luck with her DMs either.

The insider dished that ‘Lindsay sent a couple of flirty DMs to Tyga recently, but he really does not seem all that into her, much to Lindsay’s dismay.’

‘The whole thing was a bit of a joke to her, but, she has always thought he is super hot, and she loves his music, too,' they explained before adding that the actress has been feeling a bit lonely lately and that she has a 'thing' for rappers.

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