Lindsay Lohan Posts A Pic With Her ‘Boyfriend’ But Then Deletes The Caption!

Lindsay Lohan Posts A Pic With Her ‘Boyfriend’ But Then Deletes The Caption!
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The actress took to social media to share a pic that featured her and a group of friends during a fun outing together. However, Lindsay Lohan also mentioned that one of them was her ‘boyfriend!’

Is Lohan dating someone new following her apparent attempts to shoot her shot with Miley Cyrus’ former husband, Liam Hemsworth?

As you may know, the actress made many headlines for flirting with the other actor on social media more than just once!

While she previously addressed her comments on Liam’s posts, suggesting that she was only being friendly, couldn’t she had just said that because she didn’t get what she wanted from Liam?

Well, that is what fans continue to believe, at least.

That being said, it sounds like Lohan has now moved on from him and is seeing someone else!

There is one problem, however! The initial caption in which she mentioned her ‘boyfriend,’ no longer exists and there is no explanation as to why.

So is she in a relationship or not? Users are not sure what to believe at this point.

The pic showed Lohan with a group of friends, including her sister, Aliana and her supposed boyfriend.

But soon after, she changed the caption to a smiling emoji.

‘@aliana lovely night with sister and my boyfriend bader❤️ such a magical night 🌃,’ she originally wrote alongside the snap.

It did not take long for followers to start asking questions.

‘Who is the boyfriend?’ someone wondered, prompting someone else to respond, saying that it’s ‘the guy with the black jacket.’

However, the most questions started pouring after she deleted the caption.

Here are a few of the reactions: ‘Why’d you delete the caption? I thought it was really heartwarming.’ / ‘When your first caption was a big off, delete and replace it with an emoji.’

Many others asked for a confirmation that Lohan is indeed in a relationship at this time.


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