Lindsay Lohan Flirts With Liam Hemsworth Again And Gets Mocked For It!

Lindsay Lohan Flirts With Liam Hemsworth Again And Gets Mocked For It!
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Lindsay Lohan became the target of mockery and ridicule again after she decided to flirt with Liam Hemsworth once more! The actress left a new comment under a new post of his, seemingly trying to get noticed by the fellow actor.

This time around, Miley Cyrus’ ex shared a number of pics of him surfing and looking like the hunk he is.

That being said, seeing the pics, Lindsay could not help but react, letting him know she’s interested.

While all she left under the post was one emoji, her intentions were not exactly subtle because it was a ‘praying hands’ emoji!

Therefore, a lot of social media users definitely noticed Lohan shooting her shot again!

Here’s a few of their reactions to her comment: ‘Mate, I’m Liam’s thirsty commenter here. Don’t come for my position.’ / ‘Wow you're living in a fantasy land, huh?’ / ‘Can’t a girl comment without people overthinking that she wants to hop on his meat?’ / ‘Post any emoji you want, babe.’

As you can see, she had people mocking her but also others defending and showing her support so the response was not all negative.

This comes after she previously gained attention back in September for the same reason!

At the time, she realized both she and Liam were in Australia at the same time and commented under a post of his: ‘Why didn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!’

Not too long after that, Lohan also told the world that she was indeed single and seemingly ready to mingle.

And, of course, Liam was also freshly solo following his separation from Miley Cyrus after only months of being married.

All that convinced social media that Lohan was trying to date Hemsworth and she didn't do much to try and squash the rumors!

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