Lindsay Lohan Admits It Makes Her Sad When Everyone's Focusing On Her Mistakes

Lindsay Lohan Admits It Makes Her Sad When Everyone's Focusing On Her Mistakes
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The actress thinks the public has been focusing too much on her past mistakes and much less on anything else in her life and she’s frustrated about it! As you may know, Lindsay Lohan has made countless of headlines because of rehab stints, arrests more drama while in her twenties.

However, the former child actress has been living in Dubai for years now and she’s stayed out of trouble during that period of time.

As a result, Lohan would love it if the media coverage about her life would deal with the positive aspects much more than the negative.

During a brand new interview with PAPER, Lindsay stated that ‘I could just do 99 things right and only one thing wrong, but it is that one thing that they will focus on. Behind the scenes, I do whatever I can to be the very best version of me, which never gets mentioned. I'm also human. I make mistakes. That is all that gets reported.’

She also explained that she was unable to continue her Hollywood career for a while because of the court-ordered rehab stints.

‘I love working with children and giving back. But people do not like talking about my good stuff. It is really crazy to me and it makes me really sad. A lot of people do a lot of good things for others and it is like a flash in the pan, where if it is something negative it just sticks with you forever,’ she added.

As for the idea that she might be labeled a ‘troubled former child star’ forever, Lindsay stressed that while anything that she did before can’t be changed, the past is still just in the past.

The actress made sure to point out that she knows herself the best and what she knows is that she's heathy and a good person who sometimes likes to have fun.

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