Lil' Xan Talks Opioids Following Release Of Mac Miller's Autopsy Report

Lil' Xan Talks Opioids Following Release Of Mac Miller's Autopsy Report

Following reports that Mac Miller died from a lethal combination of fentanyl and cocaine , Lil' Xan came forward and spoke candidly on the negative impacts of using drugs, notably, fentanyl.

During a conversation with reporters from TMZ, the young rapper said that he used to sell the drug along with Xanax, but once he saw what the former was doing to people, he no longer sold it.

The rapper said, "I was selling Xanax before I was a rapper," but when he got his hands on fentanyl, he decided on not selling it for the sake of the safety of those around him.

Lil' Xan admitted that many of his friends would puke after taking it, so he stopped selling it. "It's always fentanyl," the young rapper remarked, comparing Mac's situation with that of Lil' Peep, who died almost exactly one year ago on the 15th of November, 2017.

Lil' Xan, who just broke up with Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah, insinuated that snorting fentanyl with cocaine would have an adverse effect. Despite his best efforts, he still isn't clean from drug use.

Additionally, he is living in self-imposed isolation at the moment for the sake of stopping drug use altogether. Lil' Xan said that Mac Miller meant a lot to him.

One of the last things Mac said to the 22-year-old was to "be safe," following a performance in Los Angeles, California. In commemoration of the late ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande, Lil' Xan said he is creating his next project in his name.  Another rapper to do just that this year, was Logic, who released his third record, YSIV.

On the track, "YSIV," Logic switches up the tempo, key signature, and pacing, and delivers several bars on the importance of Mac to his own career, adding that it was he, who inspired him to truly be successful as an artist. This all comes after the concert in Mac's name this past month in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater on the 31st of October.

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