Lil' Xan Slams Tupac And The Hip-Hop World Slams Lil' Xan

Lil' Xan Slams Tupac And The Hip-Hop World Slams Lil' Xan
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Following Lil' Xan's comment that Tupac's music was "boring," the retaliation from the hip-hop world was swift, and iconic members of the scene were quick to condemn him. Charlamagne Tha God, one of the hosts of The Breakfast Club, branded the young rapper as the "Donkey Of The Day."

Waka Flocka Flame, known as one of the driving forces of trap music, stated that Lil' Xan is "banned from hip-hop," and even Michael Rapaport - although admittedly he's known as having the "white savior complex" - slammed the 21-year-old.

Other people to bash the up-and-coming rapper include Lauren O'Neill from Noisey, in addition to Charles M. Blow from the New York Times.

As you may know, Tupac Shakur jumped to worldwide fame following his death in 1996 when he was shot to death in a drive-by. He passed away at 25-years-old and since then, his legend has lived on.

In a post which we have for you below, the rapper says in the video that he intends to stick around for a lot longer and people have to get used "to this ugly mug."

And while his comments may or may not be unfair and disrespectable to the history of hip-hop, one has to point to the comedy in having to honor old artists.

Tupac Shakur is to hip-hop as the Sex Pistols are to punk rock. You have to claim that you like that artist - even if you don't - to avoid being flamed by the members of the culture.

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