Lil Xan Rushed To The Hospital - Here's What Happened!

Lil Xan Rushed To The Hospital - Here's What Happened!
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The rapper took to his social media of choice yesterday to reveal that he was taken to the hospital. The reason? - Lil Xan ate too much Flaming Cheetos!

In a vid he posted on his Instagram account, the 22-year-old admitted that the spicy snack caused some serious problems to his insides.

The rapper also showed off his hospital bracelet to his followers to prove he really was hospitalized.

Lil Xan has opened up before about his desire to quit drugs for good in the aftermath of Mac Miller’s fatal overdose, but he assured his fans that the damaging substances were not to blame for his health problem.

‘Yeah, I went to the hospital today... I just wanted to let everybody know that I was in the hospital not because of any drugs, but I ate too many Hot Cheetos, and it ripped something in my stomach open. So, we good.’

In the caption, the rapper also wrote: ‘Just want to let everyone know that I am good, healthier then I have ever been and ready to kick off my third Tour in NY in a couple of days ! Also be careful, Hot Cheetos are one hell of a drug aha! ? love you all ! ?“Be Safe” Coming soon!????.’

This hospital trip comes after his very public split from Noah Cyrus.

Miley’s sister addressed the breakup not too long ago saying: ‘It's all love and it's all good. I am confused, is all I am going say. It was a shock for everybody, I think. [But] there is no point in drama. I just have to focus on me right now, and I don't really need to have a boyfriend now anyway. I realized it when everything blew up in my face.'

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  • Jinxi Rutherford-Richow
    Jinxi Rutherford-Richow Sep 26, 2018 1:59 PM PDT

    Now "Lil Xan" knows how America feels. Because we are all sick of a distasteful, sickly, orange substance that has no value.

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