Lil Xan Checks Into Rehab For Drug Addiction And He 'Couldn't Be Happier!'

Lil Xan Checks Into Rehab For Drug Addiction And He 'Couldn't Be Happier!'

22-year-old Lil Xan is taking the necessary measures to make sure he won’t end up dying because of an overdose like his idol Mac Miller! The rapper posted on his Insta about it, letting everyone know that he’s decided to put everything on hold and go to rehab!

That being said, he also assured everyone that he ‘couldn’t be happier‘ about it!

Lil Xan posted a pic of himself on his Instagram account earlier today, captioning it: ‘I just dropped out of Sound Cloud Uni to go to rehab,?. I leave in like five days, and I couldn’t be any happier with this choice ? I love all you guys for being supportive and cannot wait to get back clean-headed and ready to Finish my album !’

The announcement comes a few weeks after he ended up in the hospital for eating too much Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

But that’s not to say he might not one day be hospitalized because of his drug addiction, which is what he’s most afraid of!

At the time, he actually told his fans online that ‘I just want to let everybody know why I was in the hospital - not due to drugs, but guess I ate too many Hot Cheetos, and it ripped something open in my stomach. So, we good.’

As you probably know, Lil Xan made a lot of headlines not too long ago for his short-lived relationship with Noah Cyrus but even more because of their explosive and public breakup.

Miley Cyrus’ younger sister talked to ET following the split, revealing how the whole thing has influenced her music.

‘That [the relationship] is what inspired the record. Every single song was from my heart, about this relationship and the way that I was feeling. I did not know how to communicate in any other way than through my music. Some of these songs I'd send to my boyfriend and be like, 'I do not know how else to talk to you, here is a song.' So, the record's really personal,’ she told the outlet.

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