Lil Wayne's Baby Mama, Nivea, Leaves Little To The Imagination In Sheer Dress Picture Flaunting Her Weight Loss

Lil Wayne's Baby Mama, Nivea, Leaves Little To The Imagination In Sheer Dress Picture Flaunting Her Weight Loss
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Diva Nivea is back, and she is killing it while looking like a "tempting glazed doughnut," and the Internet is eating it up.

The talented singer, who is known for hit tracks like "Don’t Mess With My Man" and "Laundromat" ruled the R&B charts in the early 2000s.

The artist born Nivea B. Hamilton, who has children with rapper Lil Wayne and hitmaker The Dream, left the music scene to focus on motherhood, battle health issues and an addiction to cocaine.

Earlier today, the songbird took to social media, where she showed off her stunning natural body and explained that she is on a journey to reach her ideal weight.

She stated: "OH MY GOD!! @fuggyfuggy2006 IS ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD FOR DOING THIS SHOOT! I don’t have the words for how much I love this picture! 😩 Thank you for bringing out my sexy side!!! I am a proud mother of 4, working towards Great health! And although I have not reached my goal weight, I STILL LOVE my body! ❤️ Hair by - @juicyhaircare Thank You for your wonderful work & assisting with this shoot! Makeup by - Me.

One fan said: "Lookin like a sexy glazed doughnut! Come on thighs!!! Natural Bodies Matter! 🙌🏾♦️⚡️💪🏾😍Sis what’s your goal weight?? Cause this is perfection. 😳😍😍😍"

Another person stated: "Hold up‼️🔥 Nivea done got her groove back! Used the whole bottle of baby oil gel. Just BREAK the Internet on this Good Friday, why don’t you!! 👏🏾😭😍! meet me at the McDonald's parking lot.😍♥️"

This supporter revealed: "Oh my god, 😍 🔥 she looks amazing!!!!!!!! I thought this was Phaedra Parks at first glance😂😂. But the pic is still fire 😘💯Lil Wayne Roster Crazy 💯💯 Lauren, Niv, Toya. 😍"

In a recent interview, Nivea explained that after her failed romances, she is planning to stay single for many many years.


She confessed: “Ever since I was 16, I’ve been in relationships. I’m wifey every time. I’m tired of that! I want a break from that type of relationship.”

She added: “I just feel like by [45], I would have given myself time to be with myself and my children only. Because when you have a man — if you’re like me — I cater and that’s just like having another child,” Nivea added. “Ain’t nobody got time for that! It might not be 10 years, but I think that’s a good little window.”

Nivea seems to know what she wants.

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