Lil Wayne's Baby Mama Nivea Gets Emotional Talking About Her Fall From Grace -- Can The Black Britney Spears Make A Comeback?

Lil Wayne's Baby Mama Nivea Gets Emotional Talking About Her Fall From Grace -- Can The Black Britney Spears Make A Comeback?
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R&B singer Nivea is back with a vengeance, and she is throwing her exes -- Lil Wayne and The-Dream -- under the bus while talking about her rise and fall in Hollywood.

The diva known for hit songs like "Don’t Mess With My Man," "Laundromat," and "Complicated" had a burgeoning career in the 2000s when she was still a teenager.

The self-proclaimed Black Britney Spears lost it all due to a manager who was a con man.

She was no longer selling records; she got with Lil Wayne who went to jail.

And she married The-Dream, they had children, and she got back with Lil Wayne and had a son, and her career died.

Nivea cried as she explained on an episode of BET's show, Finding : “It was a bit overwhelming, but I worked for the opportunity. I sacrificed my childhood with a manager that didn’t even complete the 9th grade, that did a lot of negative things to me, but also changed my life at the same time.”

One fan told her: "May God bless you I'm so ready for you to come back you can do it you were a mother first you choose to be a mother A career and throw your kids offDon't give up girl, your time is here your talents cannot be denied. I pray you have the right people in your corner supporting you and pushing you to stay great."

Another commenter stated: "I couldn’t hold back the tears thank you for sharing this! Your an awesome Mom that put her kids before anything. Even if you lost yourself along the way.. you strong and I been a Fan since Day1.. love you and thank you so much. Damn sis! It's crazy u have 2 fathers with money who still can't or possibly chip in to help. Smmh sometimes these men who have babies n don't be their for them is sad. You'll make it somewhere sis! Level up like CiCi did when she bounced from Future. This makes me cry I want her to win so bad. Those tears are genuine, and as a mother, I understand sacrificing your own life and things you want to be a damn good mother. I wish her all the best."

This supporter wrote: "She is so fine. She’s honest, kind & has a personality better than some comics. Don’t read too much into it. **Do you think she would post something that would shine a bad light on herself? Why is she still so never mind .. she scares me tho poor baby looks like she needs some shade but something going on..this how u present yourself now like why I'm confused."

This person claimed: “Don’t mess with my man” Nivea jagged edge. That’s a cut!!! However looking at this clip, it looks like she needs an intervention, not people clowning her. That’s a big reason your children going be great. You didn’t throw them off to no one for Hollywood!!!"

Nivea is building a comeback.

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