Lil Wayne Shows Off Several New Tattoos In Photos -- They Are Powerful And Sentimental

Lil Wayne Shows Off Several New Tattoos In Photos -- They Are Powerful And Sentimental
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It is no secret that rapper Lil Wayne is a huge fan of inking his body, and he has not slowed down on that front over the years.

Just recently, Lil Wayne showed off some brand new ink on his face, much to the delight of his fans.

And as can be expected, the rapper himself looked delighted to have gotten the fresh tattoos, (the name "BOB" the name of the officer who saved him and a map of Africa), and was eager to show them off to his fans and the rest of the world.

Some have pointed out that it will probably get a bit difficult for Lil Wayne to keep up with his tattoo addiction, judging by how much he has inked his body already.

It does indeed look like he does not have much space left available. However, that does not seem to be a factor that will stop Lil Wayne anytime soon.

Entirely, on the contrary, the rapper has dropped some hints that he is planning to push this even harder.

And while it will take some time to see where he goes with that, his fans have been gushing over his newest tattoos on social media, with many exclaiming that the rapper has picked nice new designs that match his overall personality and style.

Lil Wayne has been known for his more extravagant approach to modifying his body, so it was hardly a surprise to anyone that he would choose something good this time as well.

As for his future plans, only time will tell if he is thinking of inking his body even more at that point. However, Lil Wayne has great music set for the very near future.

The rapper will drop the Funeral album, his follow-up to Tha Carter V , later this year.

He said about the project: "You know how it work. My album's always done. It just takes Mack to come in there to rack up a couple of songs and name them. That's how it go round here. I work every day. It just takes them to come in and say 'let me get these twenty songs, can I have these and name them, and we go from there.'"

As for the way, he records the material for the album, he said: "Same formula, I can't write nothing down, I got way too old to be trying to read something. I can't write anything down, and I'm going straight off the top...It makes everything more valid, more valuable."

Lil Wayne is one creative soul.

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