Lil Wayne Ends Concert And Storms Off Stage After Audience Member Throws Drink At Him!

Lil Wayne Ends Concert And Storms Off Stage After Audience Member Throws Drink At Him!

Lil Wayne wanted to teach a lesson to his fans that crossed a line during a recent concert.

The rapper ended the performance suddenly and left the stage after a fan from the audience threw a drink at him while he was performing "A Milli".

It is unknown if the person tried to harm him or it was just a harmless prank but the rapper did not take the gesture lightly anyway.

He stopped the music and addressed the crowd, saying:  "Look, let me tell you something. I don't know if you thought I was a buster, but I'm rich, so I can't throw nothing back."

The audience started booing him but Lil Wayne remained unfazed.  He called his “goon squad” to find the perpetrator.

"Goon squad, come here... Every goon that's with me, come here, man... Throw that s**t back at them. Throw all the s**t back at these n***as."

In the end, he stopped the concert altogether and blamed it all on the one who threw the drink.

He also expressed his obvious anger by slamming the mic on the ground and showing the middle finger to the crowd as he stormed off the stage.

Afterwards, the crowd chanted his name for minutes, trying to get him to return but he never did.

The performance was part of his Weezy's "Kloser 2 U" tour, which took place in smaller cities and at small venues to create a more intimate experience for the fans so the incident that happened ruined the whole idea of the tour.

It is yet unknown whether or not the culprit has been found or what their real intention was but one thing is clear - Wayne was very upset.

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  • Melinda Harsch
    Melinda Harsch Apr 25, 2017 1:26 PM PDT

    Childish.... What does that say about you as a man, rapper, and influence on the youth who love and support you? Let me help you here, I'll translate it as best as I can. " You are not a positive role model, immature, and do t give two rats a** about you fans by throwing a temper tantrum". Your hands have become too big for your heart Sir. Clearly, you have forgotten those who supported you to get where you are.....

    • Nicole Sullivan
      Nicole Sullivan Apr 26, 2017 4:01 AM PDT

      Childish? No the fan who bought a ticket and a drink to throw it at him to get a reaction either from him or their peers was childish. No lil wayne felt he dont have time for that. Bye idaho get your ppl together drink on him and others i guess that was suppose to be for fun right? Gtfot and dont go back if it was a gun he shot i guess they would've still called you childish. Ppl don't think logical anymore sad

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