Lil Wayne Canceled A Tampa Bay Concert And Disappointed Fans

Lil Wayne Canceled A Tampa Bay Concert And Disappointed Fans
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Lil Wayne just made his fans sad when he canceled a concert. The Tampa Bay area has been pretty ravaged by various concert cancelations lately.

Hot New Hip Hop reported that Lil Wayne's last-minute cancelation yesterday followed a long line of U-turn reversals as posted by Rita Ora and Ariana Grande.

Despite the 'alluding it to it possibly being his last appearance as a co-headliner to Blink 182 this summer, Lil Wayne recanted on his words soon thereafter.'

'Yesterday was krazy,' Lil Wayne then Tweeted. He continued and said, 'But I want all my fans to know I won’t be quitting this tour! I’m having too much fun with my bros blink-182.'

Just before last night's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater concert with Blink 182 Lil Wayne seemed under the weather and said that he will not be performing anymore.

About two hours before the soundcheck he tweeted the following message.

'Tampa feeling under the weather🤢 and Kant Go tonight Promise I’ll make it up to you guys!!🤙🏾 ~Tune'

Needless to say, people were more than disappointed.

Someone commented: 'We’ve traveled all the way from the UK to see you in Tampa tonight and just found out you’ve dropped out.... disappointed is an understatement!'

Another follower said: 'I am here and so upset that you aren’t here... been a fan for so damn long. Never seen you live. Hope you know your fans are bummed.'

One commenter defended Lil Wayne and wrote: 'damn nothing in your tweet mentions hoping he gets better but you wanna see him perform when he's not 100% it's selfish to try n guilt some1 like that. duh he knows people don't like when artist pulls from shows.'

Another person said: 'Super disappointed smh you ain't gonna make nothing up to no one. Hit up my sister while you're at it for the bday tickets she got us for my birthday.'

A lot of people were really sad after Lil Wayne posted this message just before the concert.

Lil Wayne was in the news recently when a judge determined that he owes his former personal chef money after he allegedly refused to give him $35,000 .

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