Lil Wayne And Toya Wright's Daughter, Reginae Carter, Explains Why She Embarrassed Herself By Attending Degrading Party With YFN Lucci

Lil Wayne And Toya Wright's Daughter, Reginae Carter, Explains Why She Embarrassed Herself By Attending Degrading Party With YFN Lucci
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Reginae Carter is taking a pause to reevaluate her life choices after she was embroiled yet in another scandal with her on-and-off boyfriend, YFN Lucci.

Sunday night, many were shocked after she was seen partying at an event where the now-viral Cucumber Challenge took place.

Many bashed Lil Wayne's daughter for attending the Trouble's Atlanta pool party where many women degraded themselves by taking part in the infamous challenge.

After being called out, Toya Wright's oldest child apologized and added: "I went to the party to spy on ray (Lucci). Females, don't act like you never did it. But when I heard about the cucumber activities, I left."

The young woman went on, say: "Tbh, I've made myself look like a fool for this man, and I apologize for allowing you guys to see it. I'm young and still learning. Unfortunately, every move I make is publicized. I can't control it. Imma try to be more private for now on. It's hard because I've always been so open and honest. But I gotta learn how to deal with my problems alone and in private."

Reginae went on to say that she is changing her ways.

A supporter claimed: "We have all played the foul for a man who didn’t deserve us. She has a lot of learning to do. One thing the females adults in her life should tell her is she can’t change a man, that’s something God can only do, if he cares anything about her he would either act right or leave her alone! Another thing love herself first!!"

One person said: "She’s day she’ll back at this and laugh. We all grow and evolve in different phases of our lives. Transitioning with the public eye on you is hard. 😩 Hell, it took me time to shake away a toxic relationship as well, and I didn’t have anyone judging me. I feel her."

This Instagram user revealed: "Oh so you ain’t hear about the cucumber activities when they were promoting for the party 🙄👀 , but it’s okay sis it’s all part of the growing process. @colormenae all were saying is if you know you are going to continue to go back that’s cool but stop running to Instagram with all of you problems then renege and do everything you said you weren’t gone do. 🤦🏽‍♀️ You make yourself look bad."

A fourth backer wrote: "Young has nothing to do with it. Stupidity and training do. There is no way black women and reginae keep choosing men like this. Keep trying to build a Bob and pick me, women. The girl is single and young with no kids. Wtf. Date different types of men for crying out loud. I see a lot of black women haven't gotten the memo. NO MORE STRUGGLE LOVE. NO MORE HOOD DUDES. NO MORE DUTIES WHO CAN'T PROVIDE. ❤️ With Love.❤️"

Reginae finds herself in a unique situation.

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  • Sherlita Tobias
    Sherlita Tobias Aug 6, 2019 11:59 AM PDT

    I really wish Reginae leave Lucci alone,and I get it trust me I do i've been young and in love before but she's stronger than she think she is, because she understand that he's not right for her and that along with her support system meaning her mom she'll eventually leave him alone because she deserves so much better and i'm so glad that she has a Mom like Toya because she'll always give her baby great advice and be there for her when she need her the same exact thing I would do for my baby.

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