Lil Wayne And New Girlfriend Denise Bidot Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Each Other In New Photos

Lil Wayne And New Girlfriend Denise Bidot Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Each Other In New Photos
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Lil Wayne has found a new love after his surprising split from fiancée La'Tecia Thomas. The rapper is dating plus-size model Denise Bidot, and they seem unable to keep their hands off each other in a series of lovey-dovey photos that she has posted on Instagram.

Denise used the caption for a special message for the famous rapper from New Orleans. She wrote: "Thank you for loving me the way you do, baby. Don’t think I ever knew what love was before you came in my life, My king ✨."

One fan said: "I can honestly say I’ve never seen you this happy and this makes my heart so happy. May God continue to bless your relationship, my love. You deserve this and more. F*ck the haters!! God makes no mistakes!! I will forever love AE. 😉"

A backer stated: "You are so gorgeous!!!!! 😻I remember the first time I saw you in an underwear ad years ago & I saw your stretch marks. I couldn't help having this overwhelming feeling of being so proud of you /us type of ladies. Thank you for living authentically. You truly are an inspiration!"

This follower revealed: "In the name of love and care, many blessings your way 🤗🤗🙏🏻❤️Your light shines through this picture, and his love for you seems so fulfilling to your spirit. May your energy exchange continue to grow and illuminate and set a foundation to a twin flame future 🤍 Love you, Denise. You are a light."

Another supporter replied: "Anyone on these comments talking sh*t needs to check yourself. Worry about your own happiness. I’ve never seen my friend happier in our TEN YEARS of friendship & if y’all got an issue with it, y’all can bounce. They are grown, they know what’s best for them. Period."

This critic claimed: "Girl, how long you have him to be in love already! 🙄 He was just with @lateciat 🤦🏽‍♀️It’s been only 3 weeeeks slow it down baby girl nothing last forever it’s just your turn just enjoy the moments never cherish. 😭💯"

This person shared: "I know you don’t choose your partners lightly; you deserve this SO damn much, love seeing you loved 🧡🧡🧡. Is there anything hotter than a woman in love with all she is? ( Nothing hotter!)"

Lil Wayne does not stay single for long.

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