Lil Wayne And Kodak Black's Lawyer Releases Statement Praising The Trump Administration Following Pardon News

Lil Wayne And Kodak Black's Lawyer Releases Statement Praising The Trump Administration Following Pardon News
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Donald Trump made a few surprising moves before he finally left the Oval Office. According to multiple reports, the president of the United States actually pardoned Lil' Wayne and Kodak Black among approximately 140 other people.

The outlet claims that coincidentally, both Kodak Black and Lil' Wayne are represented by the same lawyer, who recently released a statement to the publication, XXL Magazine, a site that focuses on hip-hop news.

According to Hot New Hip Hop -  who grabbed the statement from XXL - Bradford Cohen praised the former president of the United States, saying how Trump and his administration were "tireless advocates on behalf of the African-American community."

Cohen went on to say in his statement that his pardons were an example of him and his administration doing good on their promises. It went on to thank the former president for his work on prison reform and the criminal justice system.

Reportedly, neither party, Kodak Black, nor Lil Wayne , have said anything in their own separate statements, but it's been reported that Kodak Black may be getting out of prison sometime soon. However, other sources have stated it's not entirely clear if Kodak will be getting out anytime soon.

On the other hand, insiders have stated Kodak will probably be released. Followers of Trump and hip-hop fans know Lil' Wayne took a picture with the president just before the 2020 election. Reportedly, he came out as a vocal supporter of him.

As for Mr. Black, people such as Lamar Jackson and Lil' Yachty were in his corner on social media. Hot New Hip Hop says they urged the president of the USA to get him out of jail as soon as possible. In other news, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have officially been sworn into the White House just a few hours ago.

This marks the first time ever that Joe Biden has been the president, although, he was in the White House as the vice president to Barack Obama. Kamala's presence in the White House, on the other hand, is the first time ever that a black woman has been in the position.

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