Lil Wayne And Denise Bidot Unfollow One Another On Social Media Sparking Breakup Speculations!

Lil Wayne And Denise Bidot Unfollow One Another On Social Media Sparking Breakup Speculations!
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As fans probably know by now, Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot no longer follow one another on social media and this has, obviously, led to breakup speculations! Furthermore, she also shared a quote about getting disappointed that someone turned out to be just as bad as everyone else had said they were!

While she didn't drop any names, the message coupled with the fact that they unfollowed each other on Instagram, seems to suggest there really is trouble in paradise for these two!

This comes only days after the rapper and his girlfriend spent a wonderful New Year's Eve together, as proven by posts from the night!

This is definitely not the first time they unfollow each other, however, so fans are not convinced that they will break up for good.

It was not hard at all for people to notice the IG situation since now, both of them follow only one account each and it's not one another!

As for the cryptic message she posted, suggesting she and Lil Wayne were having issues, it reads: 'Pretty disappointing when you defend someone throughout everything and they turn out being just as sh**ty as everyone said they were.'

And sure enough, the NYE pics with the rapper are gone from her account as well!

Fans were quick to react and share their theories, one user, for instance, tweeting: 'Looks like Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot have broken up once again.'

They also provided a screenshot of Denise's quote as well as one that showed the two people they now follow.

Two months ago, they were involved in more breakup speculations.

At the time, Lil Wayne showed his support towards Donald Trump and a few days after, he and Denise unfollowed one another again!


She also tweeted 'Wow … can this year be over already.'

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