Lil Tay's Social Media Career Will Be Determined By Upcoming Custody Dispute

Lil Tay's Social Media Career Will Be Determined By Upcoming Custody Dispute
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Tekashi 6ix9ine is the latest celebrity to disappear from social media, and the same thing could be said for Lil Tay, who vanished after reports came out that her family is fighting over her in a custody dispute. As the story goes, her father discovered that she had gone viral on social media, but he didn't like what he saw.

How New Hip Hop says Lil Tay first became famous at 9-years-old for her content in which she brags about clothing, her houses, jewelry, and luxury vehicles.

The outlet claims Lil Tay's stint on social media came to a screeching halt after it was revealed that she had been using her boss' cars and properties as props. It got even worse for Lil Tay and her family when it was revealed that her parents started going through a custody battle in 2018.

And her account allegedly then went on to accuse her father of sexual abuse. TMZ reported this weekend that Lil Tay's future on social media will be determined in part by the custody battle involving her mother and father, as well as the judge's decision.

Lil Tay's mom wants her to continue with her newfound social media career, whereas her father wants her to become a singer or an actress, rather than a meme creator on social media.

According to TMZ, Lil Tay's father was the reason why she stopped posting on social media. He had a judge institute a court order which barred her from posting on Instagram, and he also asked her to return home to Vancouver.

Apparently, her father's move to take her off of social media led to adverse consequences. Back in 2018, it was reported that Christopher John Hope, her father, was on the receiving end of hateful comments when he demanded Lil Tay no longer make IG videos.

Mr. Hope reportedly wanted Lil Tay to instead, focus on going to school and behaving appropriately, rather than making funny Instagram content for the world to see online. Due to how much fans love Lil' Tay, Hope's demands were met with backlash.

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