Lil Scrappy’s Ex, Erica Dixon, Will Not Tolerate Being Compared To Bambi Benson -- Her Heated Fight Over This Photo Goes Viral

Lil Scrappy’s Ex, Erica Dixon, Will Not Tolerate Being Compared To Bambi Benson -- Her Heated Fight Over This Photo Goes Viral
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While the relationship between Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy is long over, some Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans still seem to like bringing it up, even in conversations that have no relation to the ex-fiancée of the rapper.

After one of Dixon’s followers recently made comments comparing her to Bambi Benson, the current wife of Lil Scrappy, Dixon wanted to make it clear that she would not tolerate being provoked like that, and was quick to fire back at her commenter.

The original comment that started it all pointed out that Dixon looked much better than Benson, but it was quickly followed by a response claiming that the comment was “bull****.”

Dixon was quick to respond that there was no place for comparison, and added that the commenter’s hair should not look “like 27 piece”.

In a sarcastic follow-up, Dixon added the contact details of her hairstylist.

She wrote: “l Exactly!! Ain’t no competition when there’s no comparison. You tried to shade, though, but I’ll help you out. Here’s my hairstylist @hopedahairologist... your real hair shouldn’t look like 27 piece suh.”

The troll had a lot to say in response, and she claimed that Dixon should grow up, much to the amusement of other commenters who were quick to jump on her.

Meanwhile, it does not look like Dixon will be getting attacked on that front anytime soon again, as she has made it more than clear where she stands, and that she will not tolerate this kind of attitude from anyone interacting with her on social media.

Many of her fans have been sharing screenshots of her burn towards her troll, and it has become a viral trend ever since the original comment was made.

One supporter stated: “How are you going to tell that queen love to stop eating like she isn’t beautiful your hurt on the inside babe and it’s a shame...stop taking pictures of them dry bald-headed wigs in the hair store to your stylist as inspiration and get with the times...and from the looks of it your an M&M away from being fat so watch what you say or reap what you sow just like this post..... stop tearing folks down and picking them apart because you hate yourself....your hair broke off because your too far into everybody else’s business. I’m going to add you to my prayer list Sista forgive me for this’s reading lord, but there is more where that came from.!”

Fans say Erica handled the matter like a real boss.


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