Lil Scrappy Steals Show In Christmas Picture With Bambi Benson And Their Children

Lil Scrappy Steals Show In Christmas Picture With Bambi Benson And Their Children
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A picture of Lil Scrappy and his entire family has fans going wild because it has so much cuteness in it.

For Christmas, the reality TV star and rapper posed for the perfect family portrait with his wife, Bambi Benson, his teen daughter, Emani, and his adorable newborn baby boy, Breland Richardson.

The entire clan dressed in gray and silver as they sat in front of a large window. No one will be surprised by the fact the new arrival stole the spotlight with his bow tie.

One person replied: "If that baby isn’t a beautiful combination of the both of you???!! Happy Holidays!!!So beautiful! The baby looks just like you and the daughter looks like scrap! I love it all!! If you have anything negative to say about any of these beautiful family pics, you’re a sick individual and need to re-evaluate your life and seek therapy."

Another supporter had this to say to the lovely family: "Merry Christmas? to you❤? and your Entire family. This is so beautiful you guys make a wonderful blessed family. This child looks like a combination of his parents. He is tooooooo cute. You just want to kiss his chicks. He looks super " tall" in this picture! How old is the babe now? Merry Christmas to you and your family @adizthebam. Enjoy your Christmas with Love, Joy, & Peace from Jesus the Christ."

One follower penned this sweet message: "Bambi is one of those EXTRA GORGEOUS WOMEN!!! Beautiful family!! This is a beautiful picture congratulations y'all Scrappy finally got his girl ???He's so cute looks just like you now but will grow up to look just his pops.# scrappy as he gets older? watch what I tell ya...Scrappy look like a churchman ?."

This fan had this share: "OMG soo cute! He looks spinach like mama right here... Beautiful! ♥ ♥This is the best Family Christmas picture of all @adizthebam! Merry Christmas ?I just love you guys ? Merry Christmas..such a sweet couple."

The family looks like they had the best holiday ever and adorable Breland is the most wonderful gift they could have received.

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