Lil Scrappy Steals Show As A Gangster In Family Halloween Pictures With Breland Richardson And Bambi Benson

Lil Scrappy Steals Show As A Gangster In Family Halloween Pictures With Breland Richardson And Bambi Benson

All out gangsta. Lil Scrappy and his wife celebrated the very first Halloween with their baby boy, Breland Richardson.

Via social media, Bambi Benson shared the sweetest family portrait where they dressed like gang members from California.

Note that Bambi was born in Campton and knows a bit more than others about the rivalry between the Bloods with the Crips.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and hair expert was dressed as a chula and Lil Scrappy had a mean pose as a Chicano.

Fans rushed in the comment section to praise the couple for their clever Halloween costumes.

One fan said: "Wonderful parents blessings for you all. Omggg this is the cutest. No more locked doors. you look like one of the chicks from the crips video steady dipping?? nailed it... Scrappy looks like he can pass for a Chicano I thought he was the Chicano dude from next Friday the movie he wore the beanie like that."

Another commenter shared: "Bambi you look Puerto Rican or Mexican women on this clothes plus makeup. Including your features. Will you look at all that cuteness. Omg, he didn’t look real. A handsome little doll. He’s just too beautiful."

An enthusiastic supporter like many others revealed that Lil Scrappy stole the spotlight in the picture.

The fan shared: "The way scrappy is standing has me weaaaakk. Omg @adizthebam I thought @reallilscrappy was actually the lil Mexican for a minute ??..... cute family pic baby cakes I only have nieces and nephews! I been surrounded by soo many newborns and every time I turn the tv it’s all baby commercials or ppl having babies! ?? he is sooo yummy."

This commenter complimented Bambi on her post-baby body that is totally on point: "Snap-back game on point. You don't even look like you just gave birth.mao real tears...Scrap killed this. He looks like he smells good...adorable baby. Looks like he has the same mouth as emani and boy is getting big fast."

With such a handsome baby boy, the reality TV stars will have another bundle of joy in no time.

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