Lil Scrappy Reveals Wife Bambi Benson's Due Date And Their Baby Boy's Unique Name

Lil Scrappy Reveals Wife Bambi Benson's Due Date And Their Baby Boy's Unique Name
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A beaming Lil Scrappy has announced Bambi Benson's due date and the name of their baby boy. Bambi and Lil Scrappy have picked the name Breland Richardson for their baby boy.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and famous lip-bitting rapper shared a few stunning pictures from Bambi's maternity shoot.

In one picture, Bambi looked stunning in a red coat and matching panties. While in another, the mother-to-be is wearing a long black and white skirt and bra.

Lil Scrappy said Bambi's due date is this week and their son is not eager to come out.

Scrappy said: "My wife @adizthebam is like a tall, beautiful pregnant fairy walking on air, come on #Prince #Breland ya mama sister and daddy waiting on ya, this yo week."

One person replied: "Lol, the whole world waiting for @reallilscrappy not just y'all. I'm giving her 9/17 as the date. Gorgeous Bam.Prayers for a safe delivery. Pregnant ladies are beautiful."

Another commenter gave a few tips about going into labor and added: "Love the name she's so pretty here. eat a fresh pineapple ... the whole thing. It’ll start your contractions right up! 1st child always be late lol wishing you the easiest of labor."

This follower stated: "@adizthebam & @reallilscrappy I pray that she has an effortless birth, though I am reminded by the word of Elohim ( God most do NOT know His Real Name) that we as women because if Eve & Adam eating from the tree in the middle of the garden. Shall WE women siffer in giving birth to our babies. Yet, I know that I serve a Man that he shall / can NOT lie. My joy comes from the Spirit of the Lord. I shall speak to the available angel 's that her birth is as easy as it can be. She is beautiful. Congratulations to the many people who await your new prince. To God Be the Glory. Amen Beautiful!!! Also to be damn near due and look snatched everywhere else is a blessing! Scrappy you real deal lucked out boo!I'm always happy for you Scrappy. I think its the smile."

This third person shared: "She is soooo beautiful! Pregnancy does it for you @adizthebam, although you are already a beauty! Thanking God in advance for smooth, safe delivery and a healthy little prince. This baby is going to be an awesome Libra !! Love you girl you looking good question would ever go back to basketball wife if the show offers you more money are say on love and hip hop."

Baby Breland will be joining big and bright sister Emani.

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