Lil Scrappy Makes Bambi Benson Fans Smile With Adorable Nonsensical Conversation Video With Son Breland

Lil Scrappy Makes Bambi Benson Fans Smile With Adorable Nonsensical Conversation Video With Son Breland
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Baby Breland Richardson is melting Lil Scrappy's heart and has him talking crazy and lovey-dovey.

Bambi Benson's husband and star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta shared a sweet video where her son is staring at her father who is having the most non logical yet adorable conversation ever recorded.

In the viral clip, the rapper is holding his son and is having fun by talking gibberish and laughing. Breland seems to be in awe and in love with the way his father is caring for him.

Fans found the clip cute but are asking Lil Scrappy to speak properly to the child for proper language development.

One person said: "Is this a language? That baby first words going to be da nye. As cute as it is. Talking all that mush talk and made up words ain’t good for no baby none what so ever. Idc if he been talking like that."

Another commenter shared: "He looks just like the bam. Well, guess it’s safe to say it may be a while before he learns how to speak lol. Cute. But don't baby talk with babies it delays their concept with language an speech...even though its hard. His baby looooves his daddy ??? look at him mimicking his daddy’s expressions."

This supporter wrote: "Omg, look how big lil man got.. I love him. Lol.. Give him a big fat hug and kiss on them chunky cheeks for me... Lol...Scrap and Breland gone have they own code language. Daddy’s always be talking crazy to their babies while holding them like that! Lol."

A fourth fan continued with: "Scrap straight got his own language and finna teach it to the baby, poor Bambi. Poor baby is not going to know how to speak correctly because of his daddy. Too cute, he looks like you the same cheeks, same face structure, and same head shape. Love you guys together."

An excited follower also stated: "Omg, I can’t take it! Bam this baby looks just like you! Adorable! Lil man looking like "Ummmm and they say I can't talk yet. My daddy in the same boat" Not good to talk to a baby like that. Studies show it dumbs them down. Talk normal it helps with there development. But I think its really adorable❤good daddy."

This sixth supporter explained: "He’s adorable-he looks just like you ? he’s your little twin. This is hilarious. I feel sorry for you Bam. That lil boy is about to be a hot lil mess. Funny. Handsome. Smart. Spoiled. And probably full of character and comedic wit. Hold on for the ride. Good Luck. He is so damn adorable."

What are your thoughts on the silly conversation?

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