Lil Scrappy Has Explosive Fight With Ex Erica Dixon Over Their Daughter, Emani Richardson, In 'Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta' Video

Lil Scrappy Has Explosive Fight With Ex Erica Dixon Over Their Daughter, Emani Richardson, In 'Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta' Video
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Things are still very shaky between Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon, and there does not seem to be any chance of them making peace at this point even for the sake of their daughter, Emani Richardson.

They recently got into yet another major argument on the set of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta , and the scandal was widely criticized by many of their fans.

Their relationship has had numerous ups and downs, and while there was the occasional indication that things might be improving, but fans ultimately never saw that happen.

Quite on the contrary, the two had a nasty fight over child support during the recent LHHATL reunion special.

Erica put Lil Scrappy on blast, and he has not been financially supporting Emani. The famous lip-biting rapper, who is married to Bambi Benson, said Erica was lying.

The former couple and Bambi have been getting quite involved in arguments recently, and fans are saying that the whole situation will be reflecting badly on their daughter as well.

It is not known if the ongoing roller coaster of a relationship between Lil Scrappy and Erica, who recently gave birth to twin daughters, has had a positive or a negative impact on their backers.

In the end, some are still holding on to a slim hope that the two are finally going to make up and enjoy their lives as they co-parent Emani.

However, it does not look like there is any chance of that happening at the moment, and things have been moving in the opposite direction for some time.

But as fans of the reality series have seen in the past anything can happen with these two.

Lil Scrappy has moved on and posted a sweet message to his daughter: "Woke up to bring my princess @official_emanii to the Bball game much love to all the hard-working and real fathers who take care of there kids and responsibilities every day God got u the world don't care, but God does. We finna hit this blacktop and watch Emani gets some baskets jack #TheRichardsons."

One fan said: "We know you're doing your best. No one is sweating what was said on the reunion show. Ignore the lies and public insults. You and your daughter know what's real! You have really matured, and u are a great father!💯Take care of yours 😅🤣😂."

Another person shared: "You disrespected her mother. Not gonna say no more."

This social media user claimed: "It’s sad that y’all can’t come together for your daughter. I just think that child support is a cop-out cuz if a person is there for their child why do they have to suffer because they are not doing what YOU want them to do with their money. I just think that is sad. Honestly, if u wasn’t this kid BM nobody would no you."

Was it all a big show or the divide is real here?

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