Lil Scrappy Fights With A Critic Who Insulted His Son With Bambi Benson, Breland Richardson, After Posting This Picture

Lil Scrappy Fights With A Critic Who Insulted His Son With Bambi Benson, Breland Richardson, After Posting This Picture
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Lil Scrappy should not be messed with when it comes to his children -- Emani and Breland Richardson.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, who is married to Bambi Benson, took to social media and he posted an adorable photo where he is all suit up while holding baby Breland.

The rapper penned this message: "Hope all of you enjoyed #LHHATLREUNION check out me and my lil buddy @princebreland looking like his moms, he flyer than the skyjack #TheRichardsons #OUTDAFAUCET our now on all platforms check the video out on #YouTube."

A critic called Bambi's son bald: "He should not be that damn bald wtf going on."

Lil Scrappy came prepared and bashed the woman for the rude comment: "But have you seen your f*ckin head lately bih you big bald and my son hair is growing, I hate when ugly folk got the balls to say sh*t knowing they look like a piece of sh*t being extracted out of an a$s."

The person came back and mocked Lil Scrappy's baby again: "How you goinn tell me what to say or how to say it? He bald-headed dang I didn’t do it."

One person had this reaction to the feud: "No she out of line. All she had to say was he is cute, and he is a whole 👦. Bald shouldn't be an issue. WHY couldn't you just say he is cute? That's a whole baby boy. Baldness shouldn't be a problem. Keeping it real and disrespect has a thin line."

Another commenter explained: "A lot of babies with pretty hair come out bald... it’s sad you don’t know that!!! It’s a baby. my baby girl hair was just like that now she has a head full of hair! Smh people are so slow."

This supporter brought Lil Scrappy's baby mama into the conversation: "My daughter's hair is the same way. She’s ten months. Once the growth kicks in they’re [email protected] have beautiful full hair!!! Patience ✨I'm a big fan of you, and I would love to continue to be but I didn't like the way you disrespected your daughters mother at the end of the day at one point in your life you did love her now I know you are with someone else now but at the end she is STILL THE MOTHER OF YOUR FIRST CHILD AND YOU BOTH NEED TO RESPECT ONE ANOTHER TALK TO YOUR WIFE AND LET HER KNOW YOU HAVE A CHILD WITH THAT WOMAN AND SHE NEED TO LET Y, ALL RISE HER AND SHE STAY OUT OF IT SHE,S YOUR WIFE AND NOT EMONI MOTHER AND IF ERICA DON'T ACT RIGHT BE THE MAN I BELIEVE YOU ARE AND JUST WALK AWAY IT TAKES TWO TO ARGUE YOU THE MAN.😊😊😊"

Another backer of Erica Dixon, who is also feuding with Lil Scrappy over child support, said this: "You really need to knock it OFF for the sake of you Daughter / Family....... Not a GOOD LOOK & why is Bami hating so hard you should always be able to communicate with you’re daughters mother No Matter what Grow up you all sad be a blended family."

Lil Scrappy is a doting father.

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  • Yvonne Powell
    Yvonne Powell Jul 31, 2019 2:14 PM PDT

    Lil Scappy, lil. U really need to grow the hell up. The disrespect u doing to your daughter mother. Karma is a B. U need to put that horse hair bambi in her place plus her damn mammy. See if u were a real man U wouldn't let no one disrespect your daughter. Take care of your daughter and stop giving the damn bambi all your money. U looking stupid and the day u start getting disrespected the way you doing Erica. Lil scrappy that's why your damn music suck.

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