Lil Scrappy And Erica Dixon Reunite In Pictures With Bambi Benson -- Fans Are Confused By One Of The Images

Lil Scrappy And Erica Dixon Reunite In Pictures With Bambi Benson -- Fans Are Confused By One Of The Images
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Family affair! Lil Scrappy reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Erica Dixon, who is pregnant with twins for a lavish and fun-filled birthday party for their 14-year-old bright daughter, Emani Richardson.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars celebrated with Lil Scrappy's wife, Bambi Benson, and cutie pie baby Breland who stole the show by taking a piece of his sister's cake.

Also present was queen Momma Dee who appeared to be the life of the party. Emani is not only pretty; she is brilliant which is why her parents are so proud.

Erica had this to say about her baby girl: "I’m in awe of how much this beautiful baby girl of mine has grown. You make me better daily, and I pray you continue to be the positive light in everyone’s lives. Here’s to 14 and many more to come. Mommy loves you forever unconditionally."

Lil Scrappy got emotional in a post that read: "I woke up looking at my beautiful and gorgeous, talented and ambitious #PrincessEmani @official_emanii, feeling of bittersweet because all of your life you gave my life a purpose, all I know is taking care of you and making sure your every step is comfortable and happy. My first born you really taught me how to be a father, and to know your a teenager and you are so independent now, feels like I'm out of a job. But the love and respect that you give me is a great day for me and to see you making great decisions and doing great in school and fighting through and who or whatever is in your way lets me know I’m doing great through God you will be the greatest. Love you mama and enjoy your Gday and spring break cause we finna turn up ya feel me

Bambi added: "@official_emanii we’re so happy you enjoyed your #Fabulous14 birthday celebration. 🙈 @princebreland leave your sister’s cake alone honey.😅"

One fan told the birthday princess: "Such a beautiful girl!! I love how she still dresses like a regular kid. It seems like more and more of our girls are falling in that perception that they have to be half naked to fit in, at 14🤦🏽‍♀️. Happy birthday young lady!I’d be pissed if I went from only child to having three baby siblings LOL."

Another commenter stated: "Why does Bambi always look so cheap? But her son is cute. Erica and Scrap raised a queen. This is what we need to see more of. People setting aside their differences and coming together! Co-parenting and supporting each other’s big moments in life. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾"

This critic wrote: "Awh she looks so happy for her birthday! All that matters!❤️ BUT the division in the last pic is wrong, so wrong. They had to sit together.😩🌚"

This blended family seems to be making progress.


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