Lil Scrappy And Bambi Benson Flaunt Their Romance -- Critics Come For Them -- Hair Expert Claps Back

Lil Scrappy And Bambi Benson Flaunt Their Romance -- Critics Come For Them -- Hair Expert Claps Back
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Social media is a great place for celebrities to show off their perfect romance, cute date nights, and matching outfits.

Unfortunately, it is also a spot for haters and naysayers to troll and insult those who flaunt their love. Case in point -- Bambi Benson and Lil Scrappy.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and hair expert shared a few selfies where she is seen hugging and kissing her boyfriend.

The rapper reposted the photos and captioned them: "#Goonin wit my better half."

The snapshots rapidly went viral, and many rushed to comment on the images.

Most of the remarks were positive and wished the lovebirds well.

One person said: "YAYYYYYY I was so sad when they were calling it quits. I am glad they worked it out together. Amen! That is what it is all about. Couples are helping each other out and seeing them win too! Love this."

However, a few mocked the pair for having a fake romance.

A critic revealed: "Must be a new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season coming up! #IssaNeedACheck. I am over them. This relationship all for the camera."

A second nonfan shared: "A fan? Please & the bam got too much time on her hands considering she has to mother scrap, she needs to leave him alone."

Another claimed: "He is going to ruin your credit sis."

Bambi clapped back by writing: "nope, I helped him fix his so he is A1 asf."

Well, that says it all.

In related Bambi news, she is being courted by her former fiancé to move to Florida with him.

A source said: “Scrappy wants Bambi to move in with him in Miami, he intends to be with her 24/7, but she is not making it as easy as he was hoping. She has got her business going in Atlanta and wants to focus on that, but Scrappy is not taking no for an answer.”

The spy added: “He went and bought all kinds of clothes and gifts and did up the bedroom in his place especially for her. He has got pictures of them together up on the wall in frames, he bought her favorite body lotions and perfumes for the bathroom, and he is got them matching bathrobes, he set it all up to impress her. It impressed her, but not enough for her to move there. He is going to have to do a lot more to make that happen, but he is going to keep working on her, he wants her in Miami with him.”

Is this romance fake or not?

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