Lil' Pump Trolled For Supposedly Disrespecting Fallen Rapper Juice WRLD

Lil' Pump Trolled For Supposedly Disrespecting Fallen Rapper Juice WRLD
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Fans aren't happy with Lil' Pump. Hot New Hip Hop recently picked up on a new song preview from the artist in which he supposedly made reference to Juice WRLD's death in a disrespectful way.

There's no question that Lil' Pump is great at generating attention to himself, but it doesn't always go down in the way that he plans. While he came to prominence as a hip-hop artist, Lil' Pump has been venturing into other genres, including punk rock and reggaeton.

Hot New Hip Hop claims Pump is currently in the middle of a punk-rock inspired project in which he recently shared a snippet that featured lyrics regarding the late Juice WRLD. As fans of Juice know, he died late last year in a Chicago airport due to a lethal combination of codeine and oxycodone.

In the song, Lil' Pump says that his mother told him not to go to school after taking Percocet, "Like Juice WRLD, 70 pounds on a private jet." It wasn't long before Juice WRLD's dedicated fan base began slamming him on social media.

As it was noted above, Juice WRLD died in late 2019 after taking multiple pills of Percocet right around the same time the police were searching his private jet.

They reportedly found 70 pounds of marijuana. Ironically, Lil' Pump reportedly edited out the song from his set-list at Rolling Loud last year in honor of the fallen rapper. The track was called "Drug Addicts," and Lil' Pump didn't feel comfortable performing it.

Regardless of whether Lil' Pump was really sorry or not, this wouldn't be the first time the rapper has gotten in trouble with social media users. Last year, he came under fire from Asian-Americans for pulling on his eye-lids in a music video in imitation of those of Asian descent.

The move is widely believed to be an anti-Asian racist mannerism. Afterward, he did apologize for it on Instagram, admitting that it was a poor move on his part.

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