Lil Pump Nearly Passes Out After Tear Gas Attack Mid-Concert!

Lil Pump Nearly Passes Out After Tear Gas Attack Mid-Concert!

The star almost passed out on stage after tear gas got released at his show! Here’s what happened!

During Lil Pump’s performance at Rock City in Nottingham, UK, something suddenly started to happen, confusing the celeb.

TMZ was the first to report that Lil Pump began to smell the gas that had been unleashed among the crowd by an unidentified person!

Immediately after realizing what was going on, Lil Pump rushed off the stage where he received all of the necessary medical attention from the specialists backstage.

Apparently, he nearly fainted because of the tear gas, but because of the medical team, everything was alright.

Furthermore, reports claim that two concertgoers that were closest to the smoke were treated as well, while the rest of the venue was evacuated.

While the investigation on who may have done it is still ongoing, rumor has it that the police has already ruled out a terrorist attack.

Lil Pump also previously made headlines for getting arrested.

As fans may know by now, and as TMZ already reported, the star had fired a gun in his own home, and since it is against the law to do it inside an inhabited place, the authorities intervened.

Furthermore, Lil Pump had actually lied at first, claiming the gun was fired by a dangerous intruder, but the police were still able to determine that was not the case.

As a result, the teen is still in juvenile detention.

When it comes to his career, however, things have been going great since he’s collabed with none other than Kanye West and the two even performed their song I Love It together on SNL, dressed as water bottles of all things!

But if you’ve seen the music video, that is not even that surprising!

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