Lil Nas X Teams Up With Gordon Ramsay In The Kitchen

Lil Nas X Teams Up With Gordon Ramsay In The Kitchen
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According to a report from, the rapper, Lil Nas X, recently hung out with the celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, where they cooked up a snack together in the kitchen. The 20-year-old rapper met up with the British chef after a Twitter exchange went viral.

Fans of the "Old Town Road" rapper know that he just released a new track called, "Panini," so, what a perfect time for Gordon Ramsay to hang out and show the breakout rapper how to make a great panini. "Me & @gordonramsay made paninis," the rapper wrote on his Twitter on Wednesday.

Also, Lil Nas X shared two different photos, one of which featured the star posing in a front of a large cabinet of knives, with the 52-year-old holding one and also the rapper holding an ax. On his respective account, Ramsay showed a picture in which he was showing off the fruits of their labor.

While Ramsay has become reputable in the industry for having somewhat of a temper when working with employees, their exchange was pleasurable. In fact, Lil Nas X said he was disappointed when Gordon Ramsay didn't yell at him.

Reportedly, Lil Nas and Gordon's meet-up came shortly after the aforementioned rapper asked to meet with him following the release of his brand new EP, 7, which features both tracks, "Panini," as well as "Old Town Road," the country-trap hit that has been number one for weeks.

As it was previously reported, Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" is a record-breaking single, sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100 for thirteen weeks, making it the longest-running charting hip-hop single in history. Initially, the single was featured on the Country charts but was removed for being too hip-hop.

After Billy Ray Cyrus got on board, the song was put back on the charts and it's now on top, still. Furthermore, Lil Nas X made headlines afterward when he insinuated he was gay on his social media account. Thus far, the rapper has received nothing but praise from others in the hip-hop and the black community.

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