Lil Nas X Shouts Out To Kanye West For Reaching Billionaire Status

Lil Nas X Shouts Out To Kanye West For Reaching Billionaire Status
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Fans of Kanye West are wholly aware that the rapper was recently declared a billionaire by Forbes Magazine. The outlet reported earlier this weekend that Kanye was worth $1.3 billion on account of his successful music career and his Yeezy shoe brand.

Hot New Hip Hop recently picked up on a social media post from Lil Nas X, the "Old Town Road" star, who congratulated the rapper on his efforts. Lil Nas X took to his Twitter account to "welcome" Ye to the billionaire's club.

As it was previously reported, Forbes Magazine announced Kanye's billionaire status on Friday, stating that a big part of his success was owed to his Adidas collaboration, Yeezy Shoes. You can check out Lil Nas X's tweet below:

Moreover, it's worth mentioning that it looked like Lil Nas X was using the opportunity to joke about his own wealth. The award-winning artist welcomed Kanye into the club as if he was one of them, but of course, a quick Google search reveals the rapper is only worth $4 million.

With that said, celebrity net worth estimates are rarely correct, considering most analysts don't have access to a person's personal finances. Regardless of whether it's true or not, many fans on social media took the comment for what it was: a joke.

This past year, Lil Nas X took to his Twitter account to say it seemed like he had billions in his bank account compared to what he had just a few months prior. The rapper joked that he only had seven cents in his account before the massive success of "Old Town Road."

While Lil Nas X was obviously very proud of Kanye, the Yeezy designer reportedly was not. Execs over at Forbes Magazine revealed that the rapper was arguing with them over text message about his net worth, even suggesting they didn't know how to count.

According to West, he's worth much more than $1 billion. In fact, he's worth three times that. Putting the exact amount aside, it's safe to say Kanye is a wealthy man.

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