Lil Nas X Reveals Why He Didn't Want Anyone To Know That He Had A Nicki Minaj Stan Account

Lil Nas X Reveals Why He Didn't Want Anyone To Know That He Had A Nicki Minaj Stan Account
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Lil Nas X has been a fan of Nicki Minaj for forever, and Hot New Hip Hop reported today that had it been up to him, he would've already done a feature with Minaj a long time ago. The outlet pointed out that Lil Nas X once held a Nicki Minaj stan account which went by the name, "Nas Maraj."

As time passed, Lil Nas X slowly began to distance himself from the account because he was unsure how it would make him look in the hip-hop world. Receipts and screenshots were compiled by fans and followers, but the "Old Town Road" creator never budged; he always said it wasn't him.

In the months that passed, Lil Nas X finally came out to say it was him who made the account, and he also apologized to Minaj for lying about it. The rapper claimed he didn't want to reveal he was a huge fan because he didn't want anyone to catch on to the fact he was gay ( this was before he came out).

Reportedly, Nicki did accept his apology, however, she admitted at the same time that it hurt her feelings a lot. Since then, Hot New Hip Hop claims, Lil Nas X has been trying his hardest to get on Nicki's good side that way they can work together in the future.

During a new conversation with James Charles, the YouTuber, Lil Nas X admitted he had a stan account for a long time. Lil Nas X said to the beauty vlogger that he was the biggest fan of Nicki Minaj, and still was, but he wanted to move on from it because he wanted to become his own person.

The rapper went on to say that he didn't want to reveal his love for Nicki because it would've called his sexuality into question and it wasn't something he wanted to do at the time. He wasn't ready for that discussion, the rapper remarked.


Reportedly, many fans of Nicki Minaj still haven't forgiven him, even after he showed off his amazing costume earlier this year on Halloween.

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