Lil Nas X Allegedly Revealed His Sexual Orientation And Fans Are Surprised

Lil Nas X Allegedly Revealed His Sexual Orientation And Fans Are Surprised
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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Lil Nas X, the rapper with the genre-mashing hit track, "Old Town Road," released a tweet that led many people on social media to believe he's gay. Reportedly, without actually saying it directly, Lil Nas X allegedly insinuated he was gay and thought everyone suspected it from the beginning.

The Times claims the rapper took to his Twitter account to make reference to a few users who sent him typo-filled messages. He said, "It's true, I'm a guy" - rather than "gay."

In honor of Pride Month, the genre-fusing rapper finished off last week with a couple of different tweets including rainbows and a message for the fans. On Sunday, he said, "Some of y'all already know, some of y'all don't care, some of y'all not gone (f*ck with me) no more."

You can check out one of his tweets below:

Thus far, people on Twitter have offered up massive praise - but sometimes jokes - including other rappers in the industry who said Lil Nas X must've been making references to a "p*nis," in the hit song, "Old Town Road." Reportedly, Lil Nas X came to fame after he posted the aforementioned track on SoundCloud.

The song was removed from the country charts due to it not being "country enough." At first, the reception to the song was mixed, however, the Nashville establishment embraced the track and it has since become a point of pride.

Other Black American musicians have pointed out this contradiction as well, with Jimmie Allen, in particular, arguing that and other black entertainers and establishments never supported him but Nashville did.

You can check out the entertainer's tweet below:

The musician stated other industry insiders told him Nashville would never accept him because he was black, however, it turns out they welcomed him with open arms. Jimmie said on his Twitter account that BET would never represent him as a country artist, but Nashville did.

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