Lil Mosey's 'Blueberry Faygo' Tops The Charts After Its Repeated Elimination From Spotify

Lil Mosey's 'Blueberry Faygo' Tops The Charts After Its Repeated Elimination From Spotify
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Billboard revealed earlier today that the peculiar song from Lil' Mosey, "Blueberry Faygo," which features a sample from the classic song, "My, My, My," from Johnny Gill, hit the top of the charts after it was in limbo online for months.

The song has been climbing up the charts over the last 9 weeks and currently sits at number 11. Reportedly, Lil' Mosey's fanbase has the notorious habit of getting their hands on his tracks and spreading them all over the internet before they're officially released.

For instance, Lil Mosey's record label had to have the song removed from Spotify at one point. The rapper's manager, Josh Marshall, said to reporters from Rolling Stone last year that fans of Lil Mosey will pay $200 for a song and then they trade the tracks like "Pokemon cards."

He added that it's like a small community where they share photos of him and leak some of his tracks. At the moment, Lil Mosey's hit is currently sitting at number one on the Official Trending Chart in the United Kingdom.

Regarding the leak community, one of the first downloaded versions of the song already accrued over 21 million streams on Spotify until it was taken off the streaming service. Afterward, other versions of the track were uploaded as well before it was finally released on the 7th of February.

Thus far, the song has around 20.5 million streams of audio and video in the United Kingdom alone. The artist's latest record, Certified Hitmaker , which came out in 2019, hit number 67 on the UK charts as well.

As music aficionados know, leaks of popular recording artists' tracks are not uncommon these days, especially with the advent of file-sharing and streaming, which is all made possible with worldwide communication systems - the internet.

Not every artist is pleased about it, however. Madonna, for one, likened her leaked album to being "raped," during an interview with the New York Times. Madonna said to reporters from The Times that the premature release of Rebel Heart was akin to sexual assault, and may also had something to do with its low sales.

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Posted on Aug 23, 2020 6:51 PM PDT


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