Lil Mama Gets Real And Deep In Defense Of Chris Brown After Infamous Rihanna Abuse

Lil Mama Gets Real And Deep In Defense Of Chris Brown After Infamous Rihanna Abuse
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Lil Mama is getting slammed in some corners of the media after she defended R&B crooner Chris Brown in a new interview with The Duo for their Flip Da Script podcast.

The 27-year-old hip-hop entertainer was discussing the difficulties that come with having a career in entertainment and being in the limelight.

The "Lip Gloss" singer then brought the conversation to Brown and his infamous beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Lil Mama just wanted to illustrate her argument but got very emotional after making her point.

In short, the female emcee thinks that the way society treated Brown after the incident might have turned him into a complicated soul.

The "Shawty Get Loose" (a song she did with Mr. Brown and T-Pain) artist explained: “You have done things in your past that is not on the record because you did not have the fame at the age of 15. And the s**t that you was doing — you and your loved ones and your close friends — they remember that s**t and they forgive you for it. Imagine the whole world not forgiving you for something that you did.”

* The controversial statement was made around 6:47 in the video.

With the rise of the Internet and social media, people have a more hardened view of things and others. This means that the world is very unforgiving with celebrities, who make most of their mistakes in front of the cameras.

Lil Mama is pleading for more empathy and for us to treat them like loved ones.

Brown, who is currently embroiled in an epic legal battle (another domestic abuse case) with his ex, model and actress Karrueche Tran, jumped on Lil Mama's comments and took to Instagram to show her some love.


Activists involved with female causes blasted Lil Mama for being insensitive towards victims of abuse especially in light of the Tran situation.

Others pointed to the fact that if Rihanna was able to forgive her abuser, the rest of the world should be able to do the same and move on.

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