Lil' Kim Raves About Cardi B - Calls Her 'Hilarious' And 'Non-Offensive'

Lil' Kim Raves About Cardi B - Calls Her 'Hilarious' And 'Non-Offensive'
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Lil' Kim had only good things to say about fellow rapper Cardi B while in attendance at the BET Awards! The star chatted with an ET reporter at the event and described the other woman as so ‘non-offensive!’

That may be a new one but Cardi will probably appreciate it nonetheless right?

Kim gushed over her, saying that ‘I always love to see her. And she makes me laugh. She's fun! She's so non-offensive. I just love her. And then, I wanted to see all of the new artists Nas X, the baby - artists that make me smile. It always means everything [being here], because this is one of the networks that helped launch my career.’

‘So, anytime I have a chance to lend my image to BET, I'm here and ready and having fun,’ Lil Kim went on to say.

Non-Offensive or not, Cardi definitely managed to shock the audience at the show by giving Offset, her husband, a lap dance during her performance of ‘Press!’

A few days ago, Cardi was also indicted by a Queens grand jury after misdemeanor charges stemming from an altercation she and her entourage allegedly started last year in August at a strip club.

As for Lil Kim, she also opened up about her own career, talking about her reality series with Mya and Chilli, Girls Cruise.

‘Girls Cruise is going to be one of the most fun shows that you' have ever seen on reality TV, but it isn't your average reality TV show. It's me, my girls Chilli, Mya, my best friend Tiffany. I have some new up-and-coming girls, V and B, and also my bestie, Marc Jacobs' hubby,’ she raved.

She encouraged people to tune in when it premieres next month! Are you excited for Girls Cruise?

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