Lil Kim Performs With Mya, But Someone Stole This Show In The Pictures And She Is Not Even Mad About It

Lil Kim Performs With Mya, But Someone Stole This Show In The Pictures And She Is Not Even Mad About It
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Lil Kim looked fabulous as she hit the stage at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday night where she performed some of her biggest hits, but despite being Queen Bee, she was outshined by a cutie pie -- her daughter Royal Reign.

Lil Kim, who performed with R&B diva Mýa, posed backstage with Royal Reign whom she shares with artist Mr. Papers. The child looked adorable in a designer outfit.

The femcee stated: “I’m so obsessed with her. She’s goals. My baby is @dolcegabbana and @philippplein dripping.”

One fan reacted to the photos by saying: "Yes!!! The queen bee is my hero from back in the day when she was with. You are so beautiful. I've Been rocking with the 👑. You have the most pleasant personality, and you do love your fans, and we love you back. You don't have to do the most. You are legendary, and work speaks volumes. It's my dream to work for you one day .💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 to you it doesn't matter, but then some of the greatest artists of all times have multiple Grammys and they ain't sellouts they black as well, so it's all good😂Because she switches up from time to that fashion event she did last week. Her makeup looks great here."

Another commenter stated that the pretty little girl looks a lot like her father and added: "Omg!! She is so precious! She looks just like a porcelain doll!! Omg, she looks just like her dad. Love me sum lil Kim still Mah fav rapper still the queen how they be feeling bout Beyoncé how I feel about Lil Kim you know I like that hood rap. I Feel Like Maybe Smaller Boobs & Cheek Bone Will Make Her Look Normal Again.... & Laying Off The Skin Bleaching 😬."

This third supporter claimed: "Royal Reign's smile though with her pretty self!!!💖💗💕💞🔥🔥I love her family pictures they are not staged, and fake just real mom love ❤️🔥Whoever you are makeup artist was this night needs to be hired permanently and travel with you. Whether it's a shared one or not it's still a Grammy boo, better than not having one."

Lil Kim has remained in the spotlight in recent weeks.

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