Lil Kim Has Jaws Dropping In New Photos With Ray J As Peace With Nicki Minaj Seems Unreachable

Lil Kim Has Jaws Dropping In New Photos With Ray J  As Peace With Nicki Minaj Seems Unreachable
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White hot. Lil Kim looked sensational in a sheer white bodysuit that made a few jaws drop to the floor, but Ray J stole the spotlight with his crazy facial expressions and hand movement.

Queen Bee received a lot of compliments for her flawless makeup and stunning figure.

One fan reacted to the photo by saying: "Thank you for gracing us with your beauty and talent .make up in this look is boss. I love this Kim... you look amazing."Aye wait ah min, ain't that Brandy's brotha?"Your make up is slayed to the gods lol💕💜He look like he tryna sell you one of them damn bikes😂Love me some you Kim lol way back from 96' 97' days good old days, still Til' day boo love you! #FAN4LIFE."

Another supporter added: "I still love Kim.... everyone makes mistakes bad choices but she still holding her head high. And she still cute I don’t know how in the world you only have 2.4 million – – – you are a freaking national treasure – – – you paved the way for so many women in music (of all genres)—-You are one of the reasons why I was so happy to grow in the 90s.Kimmy! Hip-hop needs you. We need some 90s type of Hip-hop tracks for the Summer !!!"

This critic called out Lil Kim about her multiple plastic surgeries by saying: "She looks like a piece of plastic... Wow, black Women still support her after she told us and showed us we aren’t beautiful being a black woman. These entertainers are toxic and do nothing for the black community, or our images wake up ppl. This is not a black woman to look up too."

In a recent interview, Lil Kim threw Nicki Minaj under the bus for giving herself the title of queen.

Kim also explained: "I don’t really care about that either. I was named that; I never named myself that. It’s a difference. When the streets name you that, Biggie named me that. I didn’t name myself that. When you gotta name yourself, that’s a whole different thing, I would never name myself that.”

She went on to say: "The problem with her is she was very catty about it. I never had a problem with her. I was always nice with her. She was a very obnoxious person."

It is safe to say these two femcees will never make peace or work together.

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