Lil Durk And T.I. Give Their Opinion On The Idea Of Buying Hermès Bags

Lil Durk And T.I. Give Their Opinion On The Idea Of Buying Hermès Bags
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Hip-hop fans know Hermès bags have been all over the headlines over the last few weeks. It all started with Saweetie and Quavo when the female rapper took to her account to say that a man was no good if he didn't have the money to buy his woman all of the Hermès bags she wanted.

Additionally, Cardi B was in the headlines when she criticized the social media sentiment in which users claimed female rappers were devaluing the bags. Cardi B and Offset argued that rappers and hip-hop artists actually contribute to the brand, rather than depreciate the value.

For instance, the "Bodak Yellow" artist explained how her own song contributed to an explosion of sales in Christian Louboutin shoes. Offset, as well, argued that people should be less concerned with how others spend their money, and instead, focus on their own success.

Moreover, Offset claimed that a person should never let someone else tell them they aren't capable of buying something, regardless of what it is. Since then, rappers such as T.I. and Lil Durk have been addressing the subject as well.

According to Lil' Durk, for example, he would much rather spend that money on a wiser investment, rather than a $15,000 bag. The rapper wrote that he just "got her property" because she didn't want a Birkin.

Lil' Durk insinuated that he and his partner, India Royale, would rather watch their money grow in investments like real estate rather than dropping huge sums of cash on luxury fashion items. T.I, as well, agreed with his message and stated there were better ways to spend one's money.

T.I, who's scheduled to appear on Verzuz next month against Yeezy, wrote on his account, "NOW, this is more like it!" According to Hot New Hip Hop, T.I., who just dropped his latest project, The LIBRA, has been adding his two cents to the debate all over social media.


The rapper has been saying roughly the same thing: that people should spend their money in better ways.

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