Lil' Dicky Reveals What It Was Like To Work With Kourtney Kardashian On His New Series Dave

Lil' Dicky Reveals What It Was Like To Work With Kourtney Kardashian On His New Series Dave
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During the filming of Lil' Dicky's new series for FXX, Dave , David Burd had to work hard to avoid showing his genitals to the world. E! Online recently picked up on an interview with David Burd on Pop of the Morning with Victor Cruz.

Burd explained to the host what it was like to take all of his clothes off on set. Fans of the hit television show know that Burd loves to add awkward sex scenes and also demonstrate the bizarre relationship he has with his own genitalia.

When asked what it was like to strip down, Burd explained, "it's a bit weird." According to Burd, between takes when he went to get a coffee or something to drink, he had to wear a skin-toned color thong which had to be edited out through CGI.

David joked that part of the problem was the "overflow," in other words, the fact parts of genitalia were slightly slipping out of his underwear. David said the last thing he wanted was to have his private parts somewhere in the studio's archive.

In the same interview, the Professional Rapper explained what it was like to work with Kourtney Kardashian. At one of Justin Bieber's house parties, David Burd's character runs into the reality star. David said Kourtney was one of the "nicest" people he has ever met.

David went on to praise the Kar-Jenner clan, stating that every member was incredibly nice. Moreover, Dave explained that he thinks Kourtney was happy to be doing something outside of reality television for a change. He thinks she enjoyed it.

Regarding Justin Bieber's appearence on the series, David Burd explained that Justin may actually appear on his next album, but such an endeavor hasn't been planned yet. In other words, Justin isn't on it at the moment.

According to Burd, the album features a whole host of emotions and styles. On some tracks, it's emotional and serious; others are funny, and in some, he's showing off his rap skills.

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