Lil Boosie Faces Two Felony Charges In Georgia

Lil Boosie Faces Two Felony Charges In Georgia
Credit: BET

Lil Boosie is not having his best days at the moment. According to the latest reports, he has been hit with two felony charges for drug possession from the Georgia arrest.

The Shade Room has more info that they shared online about the case.

TSR announced that Lil Boosie was busted for a little bit of marijuana.

According to TSR's exclusive reports, 'Boosie’s arrest back in April in Coweta County, Georgia, where he was locked up following a traffic stop.'

TSR writes that 'The felony charges were later filed by the district attorney in Coweta County for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance, @tmz_tv reports.'

TSR explained that 'Georgia’s laws are harsh on drug offenders, which is another reason why social justice advocates are pushing for reforms because they believe those who are arrested for possessing marijuana should not see the inside of a jail cell.'

Fans defend him and they shared their opinions in the comments.

Someone said: 'Felony for weed when white entrepreneurs are making billions off of this..... that’s crazy.'

Another follower posted: 'Y’all Atlanta people don’t vote. That’s the problem. All that rapping and capping and no voting. How is a state with Atlanta as its largest city, the Mecca of hip-hop, still have outdated laws where you get a felony for having a small amount of marijuana? I have a friend that got locked up for residue of weed in a grinder - for weeks.'

One other commenter shared: 'Y’all still targeting black men with drug possession charges while their white counterparts open up local dispensaries ... go to hell lol.'

Someone posted 'I don’t feel bad, maybe all of that homophobia will serve him well in prison 🤷🏿‍♂️'

Another person also noted that 'Georgia treats marijuana likes it cocaine🙄. They need to get on board already.'

What do you think about his case?

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