Like Zonnique Pullins Said, Deyjah Has A Wild Side As Tiny Harris' Daughter Confirms She Is 'Bad' With Stunning New Pictures

Like Zonnique Pullins Said, Deyjah Has A Wild Side As Tiny Harris' Daughter Confirms She Is 'Bad' With Stunning New Pictures
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Ahead of the holidays, Deyjah Harris decided to show her bad side in a stunning red jumpsuit that has captivated her fans and will sell out in hours.

The brilliant teen daughter of Tiny Harris and famous rapper T.I. unveiled a photo shoot where she is flaunting her impressive figure in the burgundy jumpsuit that features black lining.

T.I.'s baby girl had her long hair on the side and opted for colorful nail polish. The 17-year-old, who is somewhat shy, used the caption to say she is "bad."

Her big sister, Zonnique Pullins, has in the past revealed that she is a tough cookie and she has fought with her older brothers and knows how to defend herself.

Aside from being a successful model, Miss Deyjah is a gifted writer, and Zonnique believes she should publish her work.

Deyjah hit one million followers on Instagram and wrote this inspirational post that made some of her fans cry.

The young lady posted: "to all 1M all you✨,
I pray that you are aware of the talents and abilities stored inside of you. there is nothing that any of you cannot do, be, or have and please, don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. if any of you are currently dealing with something, please remain patient (trust God, His timing, His plan for you, etc.) and be aware of the fact that whatever it is you’re dealing with, it’s shaping and molding you into the individual you were created and designed to be. the beauty behind the pain, stresses, fears, disappointments, setbacks, etc. will soon be revealed, just as your potential will slowly unfold itself right in front you. all that you are and everything that comes with you is beautiful. I wish you all much love, success, peace and serenity, happiness, growth, and I pray many more opportunities and blessings are presented to you??. thank you, and I love you all?."

An emotional supporter told Deyjah: "That was beautiful n sincerely [email protected]_of_da_south. ?????I just watch you grow up to the best gift that we could have thank you luv wee luv you too and your whole family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️your highly blessed and god is going to keep blessing you too."

This fan stated: "The message was beautiful like [email protected] what a powerhouse you and your Wife have created. @princess_of_da_south this gives me hope in some of the darkest of my days. I APPRECIATE this more than you could know. Your family is a blessing to all of us ????????."

This young woman is indeed very talented.

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