Lifetime Responds To Drea Kelly's Recent Criticisms Of Their Docu-Series

Lifetime Responds To Drea Kelly's Recent Criticisms Of Their Docu-Series
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Earlier this month, it was reported by multiple outlets that Drea Kelly wasn't happy at all with the way Lifetime portrayed her in the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series, in addition to other issues, including how they supposedly never helped Robert's purported victims.

Reported first by Page Six, the outlet claims Drea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, threatened the network with a lawsuit regarding her unauthorized depiction in the trailer of the brand new installment of the series. The next part of the docu-series is called, Surviving R. Kelly Part Two: The Reckoning.

During a conversation with the aforementioned publication, the executive producer of Surviving R. Kelly , Brie Miranda Bryant, said she hoped Kelly would change her mind after actually viewing the film. Bryant added that Kelly's appearence in the second film was taken from her appearence in the first.

"She did not sit for part two," Bryant added. Additionally, Kelly has spoken with TMZ in the past regarding the docu-series. For instance, during a question and answer question with them, she claimed there was a mistake on the network's behalf for the aftercare of the women involved in the first film.

According to Bryant, Lifetime had two different therapists working with the survivors and participants of the film. Moreover, she added they had worked with 23 different advocacy groups to ensure they were making the series within the "proper parameters."

Furthermore, Bryant alleges Kelly denied all offers of support during production. As it was previously reported, a representative speaking on the star's behalf claimed Kelly wasn't happy with the first installment of the franchise.

Regardless, the effect of the docu-series was widespread, even playing a crucial role in the sexual abuse charges against the singer-songwriter. Following the airing of the docu-series, many former collaborators and friends of the artist rescinded their support and expressed regret for ever working with him. Artists on that list include Lady Gaga and Too $hort, among them.

Currently, R. Kelly is going on trial for a number of sexual abuse crimes, including abusing minors and adult women.

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