Liam Payne Says The Music Industry Is A Lot Different Now - There's More 'Freedom'

Liam Payne Says The Music Industry Is A Lot Different Now - There's More 'Freedom'
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Liam Payne first came to prominence in the British pop group, One Direction, but the band has since dissolved after the departure of one of their key members, Zayn Malik.

In a new interview with Apple Music, Liam reflected on his past with the group and also the state of the modern music industry, completely changed by illegal file-sharing and then once again by streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Tidal.

According to Billboard, Liam, who's currently promoting his new collaboration with Alesso, revealed how things have changed since he first started in the music industry when he was much younger. Liam said to the host of the show that "we're all getting used to the way the music (business) works now."

Since he first came up in the industry approximately ten years ago, Payne explained, the nature of the business has changed a lot, in some ways for the worse and for other ways the better. Payne stated there was a time where if a song flopped, the artist's chance to make it was over, however, it's no longer like that.

Payne claimed now the attitude is more nonchalant, and the artist can continue making music. Liam stated there is a lot "more freedom to make stuff" now. Liam isn't the only musical artist to comment on the increase of creative freedom across the board over the last few years, although, some have asked why the "creative freedom" hasn't led to more harmonically complex Top 40 hits.

As for what Payne has been up to lately, the star has been busy crafting his solo career with new singles and albums, including his 2019 record, LP1. Fans of Payne and other One Directioners have also been persistent regarding the idea of a reunion.

Recently, fans began speculating on a possible reunion due to the upcoming ten-year anniversary. Over the last few weeks, social media users have been adamant that One Direction stops what they're doing and come together on the stage once again.

The last time Payne appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden , Liam hinted at the idea of the group coming together again. Since then, all of the band members have followed Zayn Malik as well, who left in March 2015.

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