Liam Payne Claims He Was Jumped By Bouncers At Texas Bar With Girlfriend Maya Henry

Liam Payne Claims He Was Jumped By Bouncers At Texas Bar With Girlfriend Maya Henry
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Liam Payne is calling out three bouncers at a Texas bar, who he claims jumped him on his recent night out with his girlfriend, Maya Henry.

TMZ has video footage of the altercation, which witnesses say started because the bar would not allow Henry inside. She is only reportedly only 19 years old, prompting the bouncers to deny her access to the establishment.

The former One Direction singer and his lady were in San Antonio Texas on Friday night, enjoying some quality time together. They ended up at a bar called Silver Fox, which is where the feisty altercation occurred. One witness told TMZ that Payne and Henry were initially allowed in the bar because several workers at the bar recognized them.

For some reason, the couple left the bar. When they tried to reenter, the security blow-up occurred after the bouncers realized Henry was underage. Payne allegedly tried to force his, as well as his group's way past security and into the bar. Bouncers were reportedly not happy with his attempt to ignore their denial of letting Henry into the bar.

Suddenly the incident with security got out of control. Payne is seen in the video with dirt all over his white shirt. Witnesses have confirmed to the celebrity website, it is because bouncers pushed him to the ground. The singer is being held back by people, as he tries to get in the face of one bouncer yelling "Don't f$%king push me again. I swear to God I'll lay your ass out."

Eventually, after a lot of yelling and screaming, with several on-lookers watching the bouncers and Payne get into it, the singer and his group left. It is unclear where they went after the altercation but one this is for sure. Payne is not happy. He took to Instagram Story to blast the bar and let the owners know he will be filing a lawsuit.

"@thesilverfox three of your bouncers just jumped me for no reason whilst I was grabbing my ID. I took pics of the whole thing. Look forward to seeing you in court," he wrote.

Liam Payne got into an altercation with three bouncers at a Texas bar. His much younger girlfriend Maya Henry is reportedly from the San Antonio area. It is believed the couple was in town to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. A rep for the One Direction alum has not addressed the incident.

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