Liam Payne And Naomi Campbell Reportedly Dating For Months - Their Relationship Is 'Mindblowing!'

Liam Payne And Naomi Campbell Reportedly Dating For Months - Their Relationship Is 'Mindblowing!'
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Their relationship seems to be quickly escalating! Former One Direction member Liam Payne and supermodel Naomi Campbell are supposedly dating. Here are a few details about their reported romance!

As you may know, Liam and Naomi have been flirting online, but now, it looks like they might have just taken their romance to the next level!

At least this is what an insider report by The Sun claims!

Furthermore, the news outlet claims that the 48-year-old supermodel and the 25-year-old singer have been dating for months!

One source says Liam is ‘head over heels’ in love with Naomi and he just cannot ‘believe his luck’ that he is actually with her.

The new pair has been meeting in New York but also in London, and one of their dates was actually at the O2 Arena for a Davido Adeleke concert.

While there, the lovebirds packed the PDA, showing they are already comfortable with showing affection in public.

‘They're definitely an item and they have been seeing a lot of each other. Liam thinks she is amazing and beautiful and has said their time together has been mindblowing. He seems really into her and acting like he cannot believe his luck,’ the insider shared with The Sun.

As for how they met, it is reported that it was indeed on social media and not before.

Of course, they could have been together before that and flirting online was just their way of going public, but for the time being, it is generally believed that the two connected by leaving playful and flirty comments on one another’s posts.

Since then, their relationship has progressed into something more, and they are hoping to stay together for a very long time.

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