Liam Neeson Says Misconduct Allegations Are Sometimes A "Witch Hunt"

Liam Neeson Says Misconduct Allegations Are Sometimes A "Witch Hunt"
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Liam Neeson said the number of sexual misconduct allegations against famous people as of late is good for society but has become a "witch hunt" at times.

The Oscar winner, who hasn't yet been accused of inappropriate behavior toward anyone, made his comments while on The Late Late Show on the Irish channel RTE One.

As you may know, in the last six months, many men in Hollywood have come under fire for varying levels of sexual misconduct with Harvey Weinstein being the worst.

In fact, a majority of the accusations came as a result of the ones against Weinstein, who was first exposed by The New York Times in their investigative report. The New Yorker also published a report detailing charges made by other women.

However, while Neeson acknowledges the need for this conversation to take place as well as the many women who absolutely must be heard, there are cases where innocent men are thrown under the bus for the sake of "social justice."

While speaking with the host, Neeson commented on the Minnesota Public Radio speaker, Garrison Keillor, who he says was unjustly fired.

As you may know, Garrison was accused of touching a woman's bare back after he gave her a consoling pat on the back after she told him a sad story.

Following the incident, Garrison - who doesn't like touching people or being affectionate - apologized to the woman and made sure everything was ok through email as well. However, it apparently wasn't, as he lost his job as a result of the interaction.

Additionally, the actor commented on the claims against Dustin Hoffman. Neeson stated that, although some of the claims against Hoffman are unjust, some of the incidents are merely men as well as women acting foolish on set.

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