Liam Hemsworth Shows Off His Muscles As He Covers Men's Health

Liam Hemsworth Shows Off His Muscles As He Covers Men's Health
Credit: Source: Men's Health/Instagram

Liam Hemsworth shows off his muscles as he covers Men's Health for the May 2020 issue and the article is all about rebuilding — both physically and emotionally. Since Liam's split with ex-wife Miley Cyrus, (after a 10-year online and offline relationship) he has been working out, living in Australia and has a new woman in his life. He also opened up about having surgery for kidney stones that he developed after going vegan. The type of kidney stones he had was the result of having excessive oxalate levels in his body. He also spoke about how he admires and looks up to his older brother Chris Hemsworth. Liam has been in a relationship with 23-year-old Australian model Gabriella Brooks and the two seem very happy together.

Photos for the article were captured by the Riker Brothers and they shot Liam in a number of different outdoor poses. In one picture, the 6'3" 30-year-old is seen posing outside with his hands behind his back. He shows off his bulging shoulder muscles as well as biceps.

He also spent some time hiking barefoot, as evidenced in photos where he was riding a skateboard barefoot. You may see photos of Liam Hemsworth that were published in the May 2020 issue of Men's Health in the slideshow player below.


One part of the interview that has resonated with fans is when Liam opened up about an actor whom he looks up to in the industry and who he wants to work with.

Here is how Liam Hemsworth responded.

"I really look up to my brother Chris. I've worked with a lot of people that have been in really great positions in the past 11 years, and Chris ahs a stronger work ethic than most. He's so focused. I'm thankful that I have him and am able to use his resources and his knowledge. I call him all the time about scripts and get his opinion.  'Should I do this? Should I do that?' We're looking to do a film this year together, which is like a big action-comedy thing."

Are you looking forward to seeing Liam and Chris Hemsworth star in a movie together?

Right now, you can see Liam Hemsworth on the new streaming media platform Quibi where Liam stars in the series Most Dangerous Game .


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